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In support of our ongoing modernization and engineering initiatives, Continental Tide staff reverse engineers, designs and builds a wide array of products. Products include custom diagnostic and safety equipment, training and test fixtures, signal and process validation and corrosion abatement devices.
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Portable Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Actuator Diagnostic Equipment
Continental Tide designed, built, tested and fields portable diagnostic test equip for use by our engineers, and technicians. The diagnostic equipment is designed to provide our personnel with critical operational detail on various types of MOVs including Tri-Tec, Morgan and Nutorque. Equipment assists in troubleshooting motor failures, limit switch alignment, circuit card failures and other component failures. The use of this equipment has greatly increased the speed and accuracy of our personnel shipboard troubleshooting and repair efforts on US NAVY auxiliary systems.


Portable Actuator Power Detector
Continental Tide designed, built, tested and fielded test boxes with LED indicators for monitoring 3-phase 120 VAC power at the connector on Nutorque or Morgan, or 3-phase 440 VAC on Tri-Tec motorized operated valve actuators. Our electricians use these to determine if all 3 phases are available, while avoiding probing powered circuits with bare meter leads.

NuTorqueCiruitCardNuTorqueCiruitCard 2 

Circuit Card testing module
We designed, built, tested and use a test fixture for Tano lamp test modules. These circuit cards are used for bench diagnosis and test of Tano model 4950A6060 Lamp Test modules. These modules are obsolete but still widely deployed. We use the lamp test module to determine any failures, then to demonstrate proper function after repairs. Circuit card repairs are performed at our ESD dissipative lab bench and storage facility in Reading, PA.


Electronic Actuator Test fixtures
We designed, built, tested and use a test fixture for Nutorque and Morgan valve actuators. This fixture allows our technicians to bench test, repair and setup valve actuators.

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